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OFFICIAL FIFA 22 MOBILE KR BY NEXON 300 MB FOR ANDROID A exciting summer update for FIFA Mobile on July fourteenth!

New group expertise added!

A more practical soccer match through better play insight!

Different accommodation upgrades!

A real test mode that everybody can partake in together has showed up!

Give a shot the most grounded FIFA Mobile this mid year through the Authentic Challenge mode!

※ Summer update

1. Real Challenge mode

– Here you can appreciate playing paying little mind to group development by choosing just the groups gave in the mode.

2. Gameplay Improvements

[Experience/Play/Operation] – The locus of the Lofted Groundball Pass has been to some degree acclimated to further develop insight.

– Shooting, take-up direction and achievement rate are changed by the ability to shoot.

– In PK circumstances, the peculiarity that the shooting veers off essentially while swiping is gotten to the next level.

– Somewhat expanded the achievement pace of short shots from inside the punishment box.

– Player auto change choice is added. (Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual)

[sound] – A more sensible arena sound is given by further developing the cheering melody quality and further developing the encompass sound.

[Etc] – Improvements have been made so that regalia with covering tones can be recognized.

– Enhancements have been made so that field objectives and PK objectives are shown independently in the record after a game in ordinary mode.

– Another arena is added. (Sanderson Park Day/Cloudy/Sunset/Night)

3. Comfort improvement

– A hunt (channel) capability has been added that permits you to rapidly choose players to use in the development and trade menus.

– Enhancements will be made so players who have grown up are not chosen during player trade ‘auto determination’.

4. Further developed assault mode

– Upgrades have been had so the effect in scoring trouble between (Good/Normal) amazing open doors acting aggressively is clear.

– The peculiarity wherein a shot or pass works paying little mind to key activity when switched over completely to a free kick is fixed.

– The cautious AI that was briefly dulled by the assailant’s ability acting aggressively is gotten to the next level.

5. Add Academy Rewards

– Group expertise will be added as another foundation reward. (Scoopton, Body Painting, Hocus Focus)

6. Server climate improvement

– Irregular faltering and some organization delays during game login and screen exchanging are gotten to the next level.

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Play free of charge and select the controls that turn out best for you!

a few strategies for catching things and players

FIFA gives a huge scope of stuff for player and portable products buys.

Make your crew and its players versatile and significant by utilizing various procedures!

Different game modes to meet your inclinations

Assault just modes, the board recreation associations where players deal with their groups, and so on.

Soccer can be played as you like!

Market for Genuine Exchanges and Player Trade

Through the exchange market, you can trade the players you wish.

Use the players you as of now have and supplant them with those your group requires!


  1. Play as your favourite team for the first time in a league game.
  2. You are Currently need to obtain one 1 of the 100 ICNS accessible by completing Weekly Icons.
  3. Utilize brand-new season mode and the world’s top leagues to succeed in your ultimate team company.
  4. For the top spot on the weekly standings of the fresh weekend divisional tournament
  5. More opportunities to reward in-game play with real-world football activities and gain access to the 84 OVR. When you link your Ad Didas GMR to the next season, view the Felix item.
  6. Content upgrades.
  7. a new icon for the application.
  8. Logic changes for foul calls.
  9. During autoplay, the AI levels are adjusted.
  10. The exchange system has undergone a restructuring.
  11. Depending on the shooting area and intensity, the goalkeeper can move to the left and right and alter their balance.
  12. Improvements to gesture passes (passes that are received by the player using their touch area) and replay camera angles
  13. Enhancements to the replay camera angle Enhancements to the replay camera angle
  14. The audio in-game has been enhanced for the game’s many scenarios.
  15. adapted the attack position by using the lob through the pass in the half line.
  16. By switching the icon for skill boost to a different BGM, the issue was resolved by initialising the history of modifications to graphic settings in Settings > Personal Settings.
  17. Various issues are fixed when a match is in progress thanks to enhanced uniform colour recognition and improved server speed.


  • FIFA Mobile Exciting Summer
  •  Update!Added new group ability!More
  •  sensible play, more bright assaults!
  • Different accommodation upgrades!
  • A genuine test mode that everybody can partake in together has showed up!
  • Give a shot the most grounded FIFA Mobile this late spring through the Authentic Challenge mode!


Game size: 300.41 MB
Console: APK Android
Developer Nexon
Genre: Sports
Mode Online


1.Download apk
2.Install apk
3.After successful extraction of the file, you can open game from your app menus and play game.

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