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Fifa 16 Mod 23 Mobile Android Offline


FIFA 16 mod 23 Mobile Android is a very popular game. It is a football simulation game and the latest version has been released in September 2015. The FIFA 16 mod 23 has an offline mode and there are many people who love to play it offline.

Fifa 16 mod 23 offline is a game mode that was created by a group of FIFA players. The goal of this game mode is to have the players play against each other without any AI opponents. This means that you will only be playing against other human players and not computer-controlled opponents because the game not online anymore.

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The Fifa 16 mod 23 offline game mode can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes. The single player mode allows the player to play against the computer, but it is less challenging because there are no human opponents to compete with or beat.

FIFA 16 mod 23 is one of the most popular games in the world. The game has been a massive hit with gamers and football fans alike, but there are some drawbacks to it. One of those drawbacks is that you need an internet connection to play the game. So if you don’t have an internet connection or your internet connection is poor, then you can’t play the game at all.

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That’s where a Fifa 16 mod 23 comes in handy. A Fifa 16 mod 23 will allow you to play the game offline without any problems.

Game Details

DEVELOPERElectronic arts
REQUIRESAndroid Version 4.4 +

Download Links

Password: SUKUNA

Fifa 16 mod 23Features

Fifa 16 Mod 23 Mobile Android Offline

The Fifa 16 mod 23 offline is a great game that has been played by millions of people. They are all looking for the best features to make their game more exciting and fun. The following are some of the top features that they can use to make their game more exciting.

  • offline Mode
  • PES 5 Camera
  • New PS4 graphics
  • Latest kits for each team updated
  • Updated player transfers.
  • HD graphics.
  • Improved gameplay.
  • Pitch modification.
  • Addition of new Stadium.
  • Improved User Interface

How To install Fifa 16 mod 23

  • Download apk,obb and data files
  • Install apk
  • Extract Obb.zip file into Android _ obb folder
  • Extract Data.zip file into Android _ data folder
  • Extract Commentary.zip file then you will get a Speech.zip file, extract that file into Android _ data _ com.ea.gp.fifaworld folder. (optional)
  • After successful extraction of the file, you can open game from your app menus and play game.

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